As featured in Eli London’s Eighty Best Single-Operator Newsletters for InsideHook.

It’s hard not to get caught up in the collective anxiety around COVID-19. Anxiety and isolation do nothing good for our souls, much less our immune systems. I know I’m feeling it.

So I’m doing a little experiment in self-care. 

Every morning, I email you a little nugget as you start your day. A short video clip, a piece of music, a poem, an idea.

It’s called The Daily Respite because that’s what we need right now: a brief interval of relief. A momentary distraction for our worrying brains. A reminder of the joy that exists all around us, even in difficult times. Not to pretend the world isn’t troubled, but to provide fuel for the journey.

Your subscription gives you a dose of relief in your inbox every morning, as well as occasional bonus video and audio content and invitations to the Friday afternoon check-in with fellow respiters.

That’s 365 days of relief for less than the cost of a single massage.

Which is good since I’m not a licensed massage therapist—but I am a New York Times-bestselling author, so you’re in good hands.

Join me,

Clara Parkes