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Hello! Welcome to my experiment in self-care.

I am Clara Parkes, a New York Times-bestselling author currently seeking groundedness from a farmhouse on the coast of Maine.

Like many of you, the arrival of COVID erased my work, shattered my concentration, and left me staring into silence while slowly slipping. I needed a daily touchpoint. Failing to find just the right balance of soul, brevity, and humor, I decided to do it myself.

On March 9, 2020, I launched the Daily Respite.

Since then, our world continues to change. But the premise of this newsletter remains extremely simple: Every morning, I email a little nugget as you start your day. A story, a poem, a short video clip, an idea. Sometimes it’s sheep on trampolines, other times it’s a deeper observation about the world around us. Always thoughtful, never hard or heavy, just enough to set you on your path for the day.

I love writing the Respite, and people love receiving it.

It’s called The Daily Respite because that’s what we need right now: a brief interval of relief. A momentary brightness for our worrying brains. A reminder of the joy that exists all around us, even in difficult times.

Not to pretend the world isn’t troubled, but to provide fuel for the journey.

Why Pay?

For the price of one fancy latte every month, you can open your email each morning and know that there’s a smile and a hug waiting for you. Your paid subscription also gains you access to every Respite I’ve written, plus an invite to our weekly Friday afternoon gatherings.

The Respite email itself is free for anyone who needs it. I’d like to be able to continue doing this so that we can take care of each other. This is why I ask that you pay if you can.

See you tomorrow morning?


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Clara Parkes 

I live in Maine. I write books. I talk to trees.