Clara here. I’m the author of the Daily Respite, and you can read more about me here.

It’s always tricky to figure out a new place, especially if that place has been ticking along steadily for nearly four years—as is the case with the Daily Respite. So I thought I’d share a quick overview of what happens here.

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Scenes from a Respite

What kinds of missive?

Depending on the day, this missive might be about the characters in my garden—or the characters in the forest or the field or by the shore. It might be about the ghosts in my farmhouse, or the roaming sunbeams, or the flowers bringing life to the winter windowsill. We might take walks into the Maine woods, chat with porcupines, peek into holes in trees and wonder where they lead.

There’s a lot of wondering going on here in Respitopia. I always balance my own thoughts with a carefully chosen quote from someone far wiser than I.

These emails are intended to provide you with a moment of peace and thoughtfulness and grounding before you step into your day.

And on Sundays…

Every Sunday, we head outside for a nature Respite featuring a video from my world. It’s usually one minute, although sometimes you’ll get two or even three full minutes. This is your time to close your eyes, take deep breaths, and reconnect with the natural world.

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Here’s what a few longtime readers have to say about the Respite.

“When I get up in the morning, the first thing that I do is look at the Daily Respite. Then I do Wordle and Spelling Bee. You are an inspiration. Thank you for being you.” —Marion

“I love The Daily Respite. Your approach to life is healing and supportive and lovely.” —Terrie

“I live in rural France but thanks to the suggestion of a good friend in the USA who knows me well, I am a subscriber to your Daily Respite. It's a daily pleasure received in my mailbox at exactly noon French time. Such a simple treat and so refreshing and comforting in this era lacking in courtesy and filled with so much hate.” —Barbara

“Thanks for being here every morning and bringing a little smile and reflection to my world.” —Stacey

“You bring joy to the day when there is so much sadness in the world. You lift me up.” —Judith

If you send the emails for free, why should I pay?

Because the Daily Respite is funded entirely by subscribers.

So far, enough readers see value in these daily emails to pay for their subscription. That allows me to keep this job that I love very much. And as long as that remains the case, I will continue to make the Respite emails free. Nobody’s economic status should dictate whether or not they have access to relief.


In addition to warm fuzzy feelings from being able to pay for something you enjoy every day, your paid subscription comes with some benefits.

Respiteer bonus no. 1: Acres and acres of Respites

All of the Daily Respites slip behind a paywall curtain after 30 days. So part of the fun of paying for your subscription is spelunking in the archives, where 1300+ stories, photos, videos, and thoughtful quotes wait you. It’s like a giant, constantly evolving book.

You want to know the story behind my pond that’s a lake (that’s a pond), the ghosts at the end of the road, my great grandfather’s apple trees, Old Man Cooter, the Hill That Requires a Commitment, Patrick the chipmunk, the tiny frogs who sleep in my flower bed, and let’s not forget each season of Turkey Bachelor.

You might also want to listen to wonderful sounds of everything from hermit thrushes to the summer crickets.

In addition….

Respiteer bonus no. 2: Invitation to our weekly pavilion party

Every Friday at 2pm Eastern, I unlock the doors and send Respiteers an invite to our comfortable and well-appointed imaginary pavilion, where there’s always a gentle breeze, plumped pillows and cookies fresh from the oven.

Our gatherings are in words and spirit alone, so there’s no video to worry about. I throw a question or idea or notion to the group, and we chew on it for an hour—although I always end up staying longer.

As you can see, there’s so much to explore here. I’d love to have you along for the adventure.



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