January 9, 2021

Good morning!

It’s Saturday. We’re still by a pond, but the canoe is gone. Now we’re joined by competitive stone skipper Dave Ohmer, who’s going to give us some pointers.

They call it stone skimming in the UK, and it’s the subject of the recent documentary, Sink or Swim.

You can also watch Dougie Isaacs set a world record.

“Wrapped in the deep fragrance of the forest, I listen to the flapping of the birds' wings, to the stirring of the ferns. I'm freed from gravity and float up—just a little—from the ground and drift in the air. Of course I can't stay there forever. It's just a momentary sensation—open my eyes and it's gone. Still, it's an overwhelming experience. Being able to float in the air.” 

― Haruki Murakami

Skipping ever onwards,