January 10, 2021

Good morning!

It’s Sunday. Let’s tiptoe down to the water and see what it has to say.

“Walk through the fire and you will emerge on the other end, whole and stronger. I promise. You will ultimately find truth and beauty and wisdom and peace. You will understand that nothing lasts forever, not pain, or joy. You will understand that joy cannot exist without sadness. Relief cannot exist without pain. Compassion cannot exist without cruelty. Courage cannot exist without fear. Hope cannot exist without despair. Wisdom cannot exist without suffering. Gratitude cannot exist without deprivation. Paradoxes abound in this life. Living is an exercise in navigating within them.”

—Julie Yip-Williams

Julie wrote these beautiful words in a letter to her daughters, later published in her posthumous memoir, The Unwinding of Miracles. I discovered this quote through Shaun Usher’s Letters of Note newsletter, which you might enjoy.

Onwards to tomorrow,