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With Purell selling online for hundreds of bucks and infection counts increasing by the day, it’s hard not to get caught up in the collective anxiety around COVID-19. Anxiety does nothing good for our souls, much less our immune systems. I know I’m feeling it.

So I’ve decided to do a little experiment.

I am Clara Parkes, an author, speaker, and story seeker. And starting next week, every morning I’ll email a little nugget to enjoy as you start your day. A short video clip, a piece of music, a poem, an idea. Who knows, I might even read to you or take you on a walk with me? We’ll see. As I said, it’s an experiment.

The Daily Respite is exactly what it suggests: a brief interval of relief. A momentary distraction for our busy brains. A reminder of the joy that exists all around us, even in scary times.

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